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Wedding Flowers: Fact or Fiction?

Ever dreaded having to make a decision because there were just so many options? FOMO got you feeling down? Not sure where to start with planning #wedding flowers? Look no further, Earth in the Alley has got you covered.

Planning a wedding can cause a bit of stress every now and then. It’s a once (maybe twice, maybe more) in a lifetime event! However, procrastinating can get you into some big trouble the closer you get to your wedding day so we’re here to rip that band-aid off for you (so to speak *wink,wink*) with a few #flower facts and flower fiction and get you feeling confident enough to dive in head first to #floral #planning.

Fact or Fiction?

Flowers are the last thing to plan on the checklist because you need to pick out your dresses, tuxedos, colors and have table numbers and room layout first!


You can start planning wedding flowers before you have all the details nailed down. Earth in the alley provides complimentary consultations and quotes to get your floral gears churning! With our flexible quotation system, we are able to make changes and updates to your floral order up to three weeks before your event. Fear not! We are a wealth of floral information! Sometimes it’s best to not know what you are looking for before your consultation. That gives us a chance to boost our ego a bit and flex our flower knowledge. I.e. you get many different ideas and time to think about what you really want!

Fact or Fiction?

It’s much cheaper and easier to use #silk (artificial) flowers than to use real flowers.


While you can score some pretty great deals at Michaels with your 40% off coupon, you won’t get the quality you deserve for your big day. These silk flowers tend to be difficult to work with and don’t necessarily look real at all. Earth in the Alley sources silk flowers from the best manufacturers in town and it’s actually more expensive to make your bouquets and centerpieces from silk flowers.

If you’re on a budget and don’t want your bouquet to look fake, go with fresh flowers. Our consultants are super knowledgeable when it comes to getting the best bang for your buck and we work within a number of different price points. I promise, you won’t regret it.

Fact or Fiction?

Roses can be naturally grown in a blue tone.


There are actually only a few flowers that are naturally available in blue. Others are dyed and that is a big NO NO for white dresses!!!

Here are some beautiful flowers in shades of blue that grow naturally:




Privet Berry/Vibernum Berry

#Roses and #orchids are usually stem-dyed blue and can leach blue dye from the cut stems. With a #bridal #bouquet, your stems are most likely exposed at the bottom to keep your #flowers fresh all night long and the last thing you’ll want is to have a big blue stain on your incredibly expensive gown! We can absolutely work blue flowers into your arrangements, but have an open mind when it comes to how.

So when it comes time for floral planning, fear not. Earth in the Alley is happy to answer any questions you may have regarding wedding and event flowers, no matter how near or far away your event is. Whether you want to chat via email about general questions or would like a full -on consultation and quote, we're here for you, making the world a better place one flower at a time.


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